Friday, October 17, 2008

Things to do, performance, scripting

Many many many things to do. I decided to go for the Post-It method of remembering thing: Writing everything down on small post-it notes. It works nicely, but the pile really is growing... Every comment on TMN is written down, so I can look at them tomorrow.

Tonight I handled my TMN inbox for the first time, and was amazed. Not just by the IQ of the people messaging me (read: No "plzzzz mke ma bruv mod plzzzzz" messages), but by the game's performance. Every time I clicked a link, it'd think for 0.2 seconds, and it'd be done! Not bad.

How is it this fast? Because of the coding. We're using a less good server than we used to, but the coding is all updated, better-looking, and more tuned for performance. It seems like it's working!

Everytime I looked at online players, I'd see between 220 and 260 players online, not bad if you ask me. But... It seems like people are already using scripts to get there. Pathetic? Yes, but it's how things go on TMN. We'll probably spend a few hours limiting it, but we won't eliminate scripting.


Anonymous said...

Hi Marc, I've got an improvement for the game.

Can you add something to the Casino's where we can set the minimum bid please? We can set the max bet but it would be nice if we could also set the min bet

Anonymous said...

I have an idea for improvent for the game make a new oil rig page,there will be a owner of the oil rig in that country, the owner employs diffrent players by apaclation.

If there aproved then they fill oil rigs buy a click of a button every 2 mins or so, after like 12 or 24 hours depending on how many oil rigs they have filled they get there salary.

Anonymous said...

stop with the shitty log outs the majority of people dont want it so get rid of it if you want to make money twat

Anonymous said...

There are no oil rigs in most of the cities. It would be stupid. Like setting up a mafia game based in the Sahara and you can steal McLarens instead of camels.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to discuss that with you on IRC some day anonymous. Feel free to email me at


Anonymous said...

Have you & DC discussed my idea about pro & cons of each city? I pitched on the angle of GTA's.