Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Future of TMN / tmnX

This is what happened:
All fuzzy, through a full-screen application, I noticed Outlook had come up with a balloon stating I had received an e-mail from DC. I quickly sent an e-mail asking him to get on msn, and, more surprising than the e-mail, he got on msn, and we started talking. We talked through microphones for a while, and chatted over msn some more after that.

A quick summary:
  • TMN will return
  • We'll change as little as possible to the look, feel and gameplay of it
  • We won't merge tmnX into TMN
  • We may use scripttests on login page, and use auto-logouts to prevent 24-7 scripting
  • We will save money by using a cheaper server
  • The server should be up today or tomorrow
  • We will try and really work together this time
  • We may publish PayPal donate records every 3 (or so) months*
  • I will try and keep up this blog, to inform players, staff members, and total strangers
  • DC will be more active for the next 8 months
  • I will no longer wait for his permission, and just act when I feel it's needed
  • We may re-launch tmnX later, when we changed the things we didn't like ourselves
*: Not daily, weekly or monthly, because it may influence the game. I proposed this because I'm a fair person, and think the players deserve to know at least some of it.


Marc said...

I really thought I had included this... But guess not.

I can't estimate a date for the relaunch of TMN yet. We're working on it, but it will take some time.

For now, a wild guess would be 2-3 weeks.

Anonymous said...

this really helps marc and does irc work if so how do i get on it i forgot

CroK ;)

Anonymous said...

I cant wait for tmn to come out :D

Anonymous said...

Nothing sucks more than tmnx :rollyeyes:

red said...
Your nickname.
This will get you on.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

:O TMN Back? z0m6z
I hope it comes back after Nov 22 :0

Anonymous said...

What about credits?