Monday, March 30, 2009

DC Back?

Today, just before I had to leave, my brother alerted me saying "DC is online"... After asking if he was joking, I spammed DC's inbox with about 6-10 messages asking him to get on msn, and what he's up to.

When I got back, about 90 minutes later, DC was in fact on msn!

After having a nice chat, we got to the conclusion that TMN really needs to grow in order to make it more fun again. We are now thinking of ways (use the Comment function on this post if you like) to make TMN a more fun place again.

Things discussed include the TOS, Duping, Scripting, Social Community, mobile ways to access TMN, and so on.

I hope soon we'll be able to continue this discussion, and actually implement some of the ideas. I do know DC is currently working on some usefull things.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I can only hope I'm not right here, but we (read: I) could be in a little trouble...

Last night I was called downstairs, but I left the server connection open (as I do all the time). When I got back, it wouldn't respond, so I just closed it, and tried to re-open it. Guess what: It wouldn't!

As we only have 2 licenses for remote connections, and I have one open that is frozen, there isn't much I can do. DC must have the other connection open, but he asked me to kill his connection in the past as well (as it had frozen for him). With only one password, there isn't much I can do.

Solutions? I thought of a few, none of them is any good:
- Wait for it to time out (but I have no idea how many hours, days, weeks this will take)
- Calling DC (but that wasn't too successful in the past)
- Hacking DC (but I bet he uses stronger passwords since I warned him)

For now, I can only make changes to the database (we do have more connections for that).


Problem solved. Most websites are spreading deprecated command line switches. MS decided to rename "console" to "admin", which worked. The server now thinks I'm physically in front of it, how nice.

Monday, March 23, 2009


An active weekend for me once again, below you'll find the latest changes on TMN, and some extra information.

Login page
The login page is now a little easier to use -if you get used to it, that is-. You no longer have to press the tab button 4 times to get to the recaptcha field, just once (from the password field).
The error message was also removed from the login page.

Credits trade
The trade credits page now has the option to select an MTA (Money Transfer Agency). This means that instead of the default 5% tax, buyers have to pay up to 15% tax (depending on the MTA's setting*). For MTA owners this is a good thing, and for the economy in general, I think it is too.
*: This was changed from a max of 50% to 15% to prevent "almost free credits".

On your personal profile, you can now (again) add the [OCStatus] tag, to display your current OC status. It works just like a few years back with TMN.
Update: Bullet Factory owners can put [BFStatus] on their profiles to publish the amount of FMJ and JHP bullets in stock.

I added one network, and gave it to the m33 account I still had. The network will be for sale later on, keep reading the forums for more information about that.

DC was online last week, but as my internet connection wouldn't work the day he was on, I didn't know about it. Again he sent me a "We'll talk soon" message, but I'm still waiting for him to get on MSN. If he reads this: You have my number, give me a call. (if you don't have it, it's 00316.... Hm, best not to mention that here)
College is still quite easy for me, so that's a good thing. Next plans for TMN include adding a city, one or two more networks, and handling some more requests I got a while back.