Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I can only hope I'm not right here, but we (read: I) could be in a little trouble...

Last night I was called downstairs, but I left the server connection open (as I do all the time). When I got back, it wouldn't respond, so I just closed it, and tried to re-open it. Guess what: It wouldn't!

As we only have 2 licenses for remote connections, and I have one open that is frozen, there isn't much I can do. DC must have the other connection open, but he asked me to kill his connection in the past as well (as it had frozen for him). With only one password, there isn't much I can do.

Solutions? I thought of a few, none of them is any good:
- Wait for it to time out (but I have no idea how many hours, days, weeks this will take)
- Calling DC (but that wasn't too successful in the past)
- Hacking DC (but I bet he uses stronger passwords since I warned him)

For now, I can only make changes to the database (we do have more connections for that).


Problem solved. Most websites are spreading deprecated command line switches. MS decided to rename "console" to "admin", which worked. The server now thinks I'm physically in front of it, how nice.


Anonymous said...

How bloody clever are you. Which course did you take in Uni to learn all the knowledge you have Marc?

Marc said...

I haven't learnt that much in college really, all I know is practical experience. Google helps a lot too.