Monday, May 25, 2009

Design Contest

I've received a total of 6 screenshots that matched the criteria enough to be published. All screenshots can be seen by visiting this page.

Use the comments below this post to judge each design. To make it easy, just use the number of each screenshot when discussing it. Instead of saying "X is crap" say "I like "Y and Z because.... ", remember people spent time to create these!

I'd like to thank all players who took their time to create a design, and I hope to soon choose one of these, or the to-be-received screenshots (I will add these when I get them).


Update #1 (26-05-2009): Added 7th screenshot
Update #2 (27-05-2009): Added 8th screenshot
Update #3 (03-06-2009): Added 9th screenshot
Update #4 (18-06-2009): Added 10th and final screenshot