Sunday, January 18, 2009

Scams, email to DC, Marc

We've all seen the bullet scams, and we've also seen me, not doing anything about it. Why? Because I can't!

We never undo actions with scammed goods, so I can't in this case either. It's a shame, and I disagree to it, but it's like this (for now). One lesson: Don't get scammed!

What I'm talking about? Bullet scams, where the victim gets shot with his own bullets.

Today I emailed DC. Here's the email:
So, where are you at?

What’s with the “I’ll have time for the next six months” statement from last October?
And what’s with the “I should have the escrow system ready by today” statement of about a month and a half back?
And what’s with the “I’ll be online tomorrow” statement of… many times?
Internship is almost over, one week to finish up on some parts, then my final presentation and assessment, and I'll be done! I'll then have some more time to fix up TMN, I hope. ]