Monday, June 6, 2011

Status update

University is really consuming a lot of my time... It's all about logic and mathematics at the moment, and both aren't the easiest subjects around! At least 4 days a week are reserved for uni, and the "couple of hours" left are spent wisely on relaxing and TMN.

Luckily, TMN is taking shape too. Although slower than expected, my print-out with the list of pages that need work is starting to turn orange from marking the jobs that were finished. There's still a lot to do though! Pages already finished (but not thoroughly tested) include crimes, GTA, OC classifieds, messages, profile and notepad, booze cartel, jail, underground stores, OC, DTM and blackjack. That leaves about 30 pages that still need work, and testing.

So, when will TMN be back? Many players have e-mailed me asking this question. Sadly, I can't answer it just yet. The first estimate was "the end of May", but at this moment "the end of June" even seems too optimistic. So, July? August? Maybe. I hope so!