Thursday, April 16, 2009

Current status, New forum mod

Current status
Currently I'm working on Trading Center. On the testserver it is already possible to trade your blackjack table for credits, bullets, or money by adding it to Trading Center. Other casinos and properties need to be added, which is a time-consuming job.
It also needs some more testing, but should be ready somewhere next week.

New Forum Mod
I added a poll for players to vote on a new forum mod. I have to say some others were good, but I (sometimes randomly) had to take out a few.
I think I will add two forum mods, but whether or not those two are in this list isn't decided yet.

When voting, think about what a forum mod needs to do and what you personally think is a good forum mod. Don't vote for your friends because they're your friends!

If you don't like any of these for whatever reason, just choose the last option, and I'll re-select some.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Updates, TMN, DC, Marc

A few things to say today.

Today we launched the new Trade Center, which is a place where you can trade your money, credits, bullets, for someone else's goods. It includes private offer (Only valid for one buyer), and anonymous offer (Only valid for one buyer whose name will not be shown). It seems like most players enjoy it, and it will solve most scams.
Today I also sold the Houston Blackjack table, which allowed me to take out about 9bil out of the game's economy (Someone paid 3.5bil for the property). The BF will remain mine for the time being.

I was asked if I was the new owner of TMN. At first I laughed about the question, but it isn't that weird of a question. Technically, I own half of TMN at this moment. In the real world however, the business is DC's, and I'm not a registered employee.
We have been looking for ways to make TMN more interesting, and probably found a few good ideas. We have also discussed the whole "duping" and "same IP" thing, and will also chat about that again later.

The question "Is DC Back?" is one I asked myself a few times. To be honest, I think he is. The improvements and hard work he put into it in the past week is quite good, and our (Skype) chats were quite nice as well. I hope we can continue this way.

I hope soon TMN will be a more fun place to be for everyone, including new and bored players.


Monday, April 6, 2009

Contest, Updates, Social Networks

Today, an important post on the game forum was added about a contest. In this contest, we want as many TMN players as possible to create a design for a TMN Website, that will later be used to attract more players. For more information, see the Game Forum.

Today we updated a few pages. Most important, is the blackjack page, where the odds were slightly changed in favor of the gambler. If this ends up being too much, we'll tweak them some more, to make it fair.
The general stats page was updated also. On this page, I added "Active game money", "Alive GDis" and "Alive Legends".

Social Networks
As you may have noticed, TMN has joined a few social networks. We have a group on facebook, and a page on myspace.
Please join these groups, and help us attract more players to make TMN more fun again. (The facebook group is owned by DC himself, the myspace is run by a player with our permission)