Thursday, April 16, 2009

Current status, New forum mod

Current status
Currently I'm working on Trading Center. On the testserver it is already possible to trade your blackjack table for credits, bullets, or money by adding it to Trading Center. Other casinos and properties need to be added, which is a time-consuming job.
It also needs some more testing, but should be ready somewhere next week.

New Forum Mod
I added a poll for players to vote on a new forum mod. I have to say some others were good, but I (sometimes randomly) had to take out a few.
I think I will add two forum mods, but whether or not those two are in this list isn't decided yet.

When voting, think about what a forum mod needs to do and what you personally think is a good forum mod. Don't vote for your friends because they're your friends!

If you don't like any of these for whatever reason, just choose the last option, and I'll re-select some.



Anonymous said...

SilentAssassin = horrible choice. Don't do eet.

Sovereign said...

Congratz to Mercer.

Much love from me.

~ Sovereign.

Anonymous said...

tooo many ppl cheating voting for mercer

boo you alll

Mercer said...

Too many people cheating voting for me? Fuck off. I came online to notice this competition when i was already at 68 votes.

Mercer said...

Oh, and good job on the anonymous. That shows real character.

Anonymous said...

hahah shut up lad u mefff

and your only winning coz ppl voted useing a proxy site

Mercer said...

Haha, anonymous again. Loser. And no i'm not. I'm guessing your another player who's involved in it. I have a good idea. Grow up, loser.

Sovereign said...

Carl would do no such thing.
And the forum mod won't be picked based on these results.

So please stop commenting like this, it's highly unnecessary.

~ Sovereign

TheFury said...

y'know. I started off hating the idea, and granted slightly cheesed I wasn't short listed. But then got to thinking who gives a fuck really. Although this poll is far from fair, and I disagree with a popularity poll at the best of times, this has shown real character in some of the nominee's, and some of the non-nominee's, and has brightened up the forums. Even if its for all the wrong reasons. Personally, I voted for someone else, to start it was because;
A) I was a bit cheesed, admitedly.
B) I didn't really know any of the nominee's well enough to comment on if I thought they'd be good enough for the job.

and then later, C) I couldn't make a fair judgement, due to the use, or supposed use of proxy's, now I'm not accusing anyone, I simply don't know but I personally don't want my vote on behalf of anyone who cheats to get where they are. Its as bad as supporting an exploiter in my opinion.

Anyhow, good luck to whoever does 'win' and then to whoever gets appointed, as its not definitely the same person.

P.S. Respect goes out for Mercer for not supporting the cheating :D

SilentAssassin said...

There is nothing wrong with me. i know i can do the job well so kiss my ass atleast im not as desperate as Nev or HK to be fair!

its not a big job todo your all fools for complaining so much about it!

i dont care who wins aslong as there good for the job!

Nev said...

LOL SA im not going on its just other noobs having ago because there not on the list and i think i would be a brilliant forum mod dosnt take much work really cleaning every so often forum banning spammers easy if you think about it

Ironclad said...

Tbh Nev, if you ever became a forum mod, whole TMN is ruined. No offense.

.........d.eogkeojgorekgojergojegoergerger said...

Lol @ SA. How is Hk desperate? He didn't proxy one fucking time. Someone else did. Nev is a different story. But yea, you're not that great of a choice. Neither is Nev ;o lol

n3v said...

just because of a few people saying i would be a good forum mod well thats a lie if i was that bad of a player then i wouldnt have been picked out of all the people who tryed i know i would be brilliant forum mod

HmothafuckinK said...

Lol @ people accusing others of cheating. Grow up kiddies. Maybe you're not cut out to moderate a forum if you can't even take a few harsh words.

MercerForSPARTA said...

Hk, it's not so much accusing when it was a fact that proxies were involved ;o. Simple as ^^

HmothafuckinK said...

So are you saying I cheated? :P
If no, who are you saying did?

Anonymous said...

What the hell? Can we at least have an update on the forum mod situation?

nev said...

From: Marc (On 4/26/2009 7:31:35 PM)

RE: [No Subject]

usually when there's news, it's published... So that makes a no.

on 4/26/2009 7:30:36 PM, Nev wrote:
any news on forum mod marc