Monday, April 6, 2009

Contest, Updates, Social Networks

Today, an important post on the game forum was added about a contest. In this contest, we want as many TMN players as possible to create a design for a TMN Website, that will later be used to attract more players. For more information, see the Game Forum.

Today we updated a few pages. Most important, is the blackjack page, where the odds were slightly changed in favor of the gambler. If this ends up being too much, we'll tweak them some more, to make it fair.
The general stats page was updated also. On this page, I added "Active game money", "Alive GDis" and "Alive Legends".

Social Networks
As you may have noticed, TMN has joined a few social networks. We have a group on facebook, and a page on myspace.
Please join these groups, and help us attract more players to make TMN more fun again. (The facebook group is owned by DC himself, the myspace is run by a player with our permission)


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