Saturday, October 4, 2008


The server is ready, and the details should come my way later today, when DC gets on msn. From then on we'll be working hard to get it all back up.

I will first set up SVN (SubVersion, version control system), so we can work together. Then we will update the code, so it will be compatible with the newer version of the language we want to use.
Then we will start re-coding it, so it will be more secure, faster, and less buggy in general.

I'm not sure at what step we will launch the game, this could be just after making it compatible with the new version of .NET, or after re-coding it all. It's a decision that will be made, depending on how long certain parts take.

For those who are interested in all this, I'll just include it.
TMN was originally coded in ASP.NET 1.1, this means it's ASP (Active Server Pages), working with the .NET Framework (read: Dot Net Framework). .NET can be seen as a large toolbox, that can do many things for you. It is not just for web applications, but can also be used for desktop applications, I'd assume Microsoft Office requires it as well. The problem about the old version, is that it's old, less secure, and slower than the newer versions (such as 3.5 that's available now).

Update 1 (October 5th):
The server we now have is, as in the past, a dedicated server. This means we're the only ones using it. As promised, DC sent me the server details last night (saturday night, so I wasn't home myself), and I played with it a little today.
Although we got a nice deal for a cheaper server, it's still a very good one. We are, as in the past, running Windows Server and Microsoft SQL Server.
Today I set up SVN, and updated the TMN home page's content by adding a link to this blog. This should keep the players updated a little more than that main page.


red said...

I have found this Blog to be very informative. It is nice to see the progress in getting tmn up and running again.
Thanks, Marc and DC

Anonymous said...

About god damn time.
Maybe you should get DC's phone number so you can phone sex him.

paulrb said...

Nice one marc will be nice to see the old tmn back.

~ Nutrition ^_^

Anonymous said...

Great seeing that someone still has time to get a great game like tmn back on its roll. Im looking forward to start playing again.
Your doing a fantastic job Marc.

Anonymous said...

yeh has i said in anouther topic thing its nice to be informed about whats happening

cant wait to start playing again


Anonymous said...

wud be great if there was an estimate time on reopening


Anonymous said...

Nice one Marc, hope it's up soon sorry..I didn't see this post until now, family troubles.

~ Dav.

Anonymous said...

One the one hand, good job for getting all of this together Marc.
On the other hand, bringing back TMN and not TMNX will cause much commotion, and i will be truly disappointed.
And as far as Mods go, you should choose those that you trust, and are active, but they should undergo a trial first.

To cut my ramblings short, look forward to seeing TMN/TMNX back again, And good Luck with the internship Marc.


Anonymous said...

What about credits?