Wednesday, October 15, 2008

now I know...

"now I know why you love SVN :D"

That's what DC just said to me on msn, and my thoughts? I did it! I convinced him!

SVN means subversion, and it's a version control system for when you're working in a team, on the same files. I use it on my own too, for backup purposes.

How it works?
I create a file, I enter some code, or just add comments. I Press Commit, and it's uploaded to a server. When DC wants to continue with that file, he presses Update, to get my last version of it, and he can work on it too.
In practise, it means that when there's a bug, I can fix it, commit it, and DC can see I fixed it before starting to fix it himself.

It's a great system, and I'm gladd I convinced DC of using it, so we can now be more productive than ever before.


Anonymous said...

Thats good but when is TMN going to be up?

No one can log in!


Anonymous said...


i can't login too:(

Anonymous said...

Why does it take so much convincing of DC about the smallest thing to make the game better. He needs to take a step back & listen to what other have to say...players included. Well at least the ones who have some formal understanding of the english language.