Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Last night and this morning my time (so till about midnight TMN time) we have chosen about 15 testers, and added them to the test environment of TMN. If you were not contacted, you were either not chosen, or you were too late.

So far we have found a few bugs already, and a few things that influence gameplay in a general way.
We will now try and fix all these minor things, and let the testers find even more, before we launch.

We have thought of who to keep and hire for mods, but haven't really concluded anything. This means DragonCurse and Marc will just look on gameforum often to see what players would be a good addition, and look at their pasts as well.

Earlier today DC e-mailed me asking me about credits... I gave him my opinion:
- We could give credits for donations in the last 3 months of tmnX
- We could give credits for 5% (or anything reasonable) of the donations in the last 3 months of TMN
I don't know what we'll do, but we haven't been able to discuss it any further yet. We'll inform you guys.


Anonymous said...

Total reset FTW!!!

Anonymous said...

Personally I believe everyone should start on a level playing field. Carrying credits over from past versions of the game just creates unnecessary problems.

Looking forward to playing the new version, hopefully it'll bring back those players that decided to leave when TMNx was released. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I think you should not give anything back. If you really 'want' to give something back, it would be the best to give back what was donated to you on TMN, because TMNx wasn't really good, so really many donaters just gave a fuck about donating.

Also, will the props be able to be picked up once you've registred, or will you drop them a little time later, so it'll be more fair?

Anonymous said...

Concerning properties, I don't think they should be dropped until a few weeks after the game's been released. This gives all players, old and new, a fair chance to get their hands on certain properties in certain countries.

You could even come up with little competitions or quizzes so players can win properties. That way, those who come up with some sort of property script won't be able to use it to give them the edge over the majority of other players.

Anonymous said...

half of props will be dropped at beginning...mostly everything but bullet factories, and black jack tables

Anonymous said...

How the fuck do you know?

Anonymous said...

Lmao! TMN hasn't even started and you got people chatting bollocks!

Anonymous said...

Knowing how credits are such a touchy subject. If I were you I would walk lightly concerning it. It is another thing that could make or break TMN. DC's own words were that TMN would never come back. So some had a lot invested in TMNx. Hopefully you can do what was done before and let people get whatever was on hand in their account.

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

about the credits well i don't know
tr and check what evryone had the last days of tmnx and give them that as for properties i think DC should hold them and give one prop to Marc and let people play the on who wins got it.
do this for like 5 props a day or whatever you want:D
Money on marcs had can be desided based on the avarage players hold on hand max bet 999999
I also think a sell&buy page should get back:D
as for mods(your own choise but)try and get from several part of the wordl:P like they wont be on all at the same time but at all times 1 mod online:D