Friday, October 24, 2008

Busy week, mod interviews

This week both DC and I have been very busy. I've spent about 53 hours at work (including travel time to get there), and really didn't have any energy left for TMN. So, why was I this busy?

I've had a few meetings at the internship company, I went paintballing with the internship company, and went to play soccer with a few collegues too. Those were the past 3 days, exhausting!

Though, with the 0.0 energy I had, I did manage to create some forum mod options, and made those work today (friday). And, this weekend, I'm hoping to empty my inbox and e-mail inbox as well as updating some other things on TMN.

We have had a few mod interviews so far, and some of them do seem Okay to me. We have had one voice interview, and tried another (which failed because Windows Live Messenger kept crashing, nice eh). The text interviews on IRC went quite well, and it seemed like a nice way to communicate.


Anonymous said...

Skype would have been a huge help.
But overall I think the way the interviews are taken is good. And considering you still showed up for that voice chat interview after the week you had definatly made me respect you even more.

I couldn't have done it.

The ( up untill now ) only voice chat interviewed :o

*loving the anonymous on this blog.*

Marc said...

You should enter a name though :o makes it easier for us to identify you, and it's still kind of anonymous.

Anonymous said...

True. The reason I didn't use a name before is because I don't want people to start treating me any different when they know I had the interviews.

I've seen it before, noticing some major changes in how people talk to me which is pretty sad.

It's why I rather not, but I've noticed that allot of people already know I had the first one so it doesn't really matter anymore.

Anonymous said...

Anyone that has interviews should have the respect of all players, it takes a lot of courage to face the everyday problems on TMN.
My Respect to all that become mods:)

Anonymous said...

Gutted My interview didnt work and crashed on me, but hopefully ill get it done again in the near future :)