Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Good news: I have registered tmn2010.net

Since I didn't receive any reply from DC, I decided to simply continue where I left off. The next logical step was to register a domain, order a hosting package (no more dedicated server, I hope it'll work out), and get something online.

http://www.tmn2010.net already hosts the "portal" used during the last round of TMN. Soon it'll be expanded with the rest of TMN, although there's still some work to do.

I don't have much more to tell you guys, just the fact that I repaired phones, phone plans and phone providers today.


Update: (28-07-2010)
For DC's side of the story, view the original domain.

Update #2: (28-07-2010)
DragonCurse replied to another e-mail, things are looking promising, and he'll be online somewhere today I hope.
TMN now runs on TMN2010.net but is not accessible to players yet, I still need to do a lot of repairing, but at least I got it working on the new host. I hope DC and I can come to an agreement so we can run TMN on all existing domains, and provide a fun game + community again.

Update #3: (28-07-2010)
I will post a full update tomorrow, but from the chat I had with DC, there's one easy conclusion to draw: The TMN2010 project (still need a cooler codename) will continue.


Tommeh :D said...

Ha ha I told you to use tmn2010 nubface :D

Good job tho.

johay said...

I'm sorry I don't buy it. While people do make mistakes. You say you got shutdown in May so it takes you over 2 months to actually give us any information isn't it just a coincidence you update us now after marc has made reasonable process.

we've heard from DC finally "having free time" the last 3 years of TMN (and even unreliable before then) so if DC and Marc do decide to get back together on the TMN project I personally will not take any part.

I was writing this to post on the official TMN site but it had a max char shit in the comment section so decided to post it here.

About the Marc / tmn2010.net project:

If you go alone without DC which I think is still your plan then while some things need to be run differently which I think you have discovered after the last few rounds TMN has being great fun because of the community (good and bad) the last few years it could work.

And I really hope it does, I'm not sure about the domain name through, but hell It's just a name. I'll be following on this blog, and for god sake hoping you don't join up with DC, because frankly I'm fed up of his "promises" after the last few years).

Good luck Marc, keep up the good work.

TD / Distraction

Pimp Tommeh said...

Well, I don't mind DC being around, as long as marc has full control so IF DC fucks off again, I mean, WHEN he fucks off again, Marc can do whatever he wants.

SweetSensation said...

Yeah i agree, its good if DC can help but i think Marc should have full control of game incase DC goes inactive like normall, as Marc is more reliable