Saturday, July 31, 2010

Game and features

I announced that I'd provide a full update. Unfortunately the decisions I wanted to post about haven't been made yet, so I haven't posted that update yet either.

The most important thing is that I will be the one to host and run the game. For the rest there are a few things I don't know for sure yet:
- The name of thegame might change (by adding a prefix or suffix);
- The original domains (, may be used (I'd prefer this, but DC is the owner of those domains, and you can guess they are worth a lot of money);

As for features, I heard many of you want Double Up back as casino game. No problem, except for the fact that I can't remember why we ever took it out! Could anyone answer that question? I still have the source code, so with about 5 hours of work I could get it back in action.

Are there any more (old) features you'd want to see back? Post them in the comments!


Ps. Thanks for the support guys, it's really appreciated!


TwentyFour said...

Good Job Marc, For the Double UP I remember that the prop wasnt dropping itself... there was an error page when there was no owner.

I think you took it out because people were using it to exploit like you double a few time with a good Magic Number and the owner sends the prop away then the player stands ...

Tommeh said...

Yea the problem was people either exploited it or the odds were too good. Or people were too good t be true on em, *cough* 24 *cough*

Also ye it had same exploit as the BJs, hold bet and send away to bankrupt people. Give us back phone providers. Avatar on profile. Pretty much 04 05 version of TMN

johay said...

I think he majority of players really want really want the "old feel" back.
Although mainly I think it's just a nostalgia 'thing'.

While I have no real suggestion (old features) I personally would like to see BFs bring a little more in-line, the last few rounds having a BF was just to much of a advantage (sure their a BIG investment and should give players a advantage - Still I would like to see them give abit less of a advantage).

Don't you think if BFs gave a little less it would extend a rounds length? (Maybe it's just me on this one?)


Other then that I would love to see the country(s) how they ust to be (round 2 or so? - capital city's or so).

How about the old mail aswell, I did not like the newer version (having the subject line or so, I think the only reason you implemented it was because of "scam mails?"

Again just my personally views.

Marc said...

Double Up bugs ane exploits can be solved, the odds however could be in favour of the gambler. I'd need to have a look at that.

Phone providers: they are already back
Old inbox: not an option (lag, no advantage)
Avatar on profile: possible
Update BFs: possible

Countries have one big issue: If I use the same as last round, the same city will be 'popular'. I'll need to think of a solution to that.

Tommeh said...

Use different cities.
Instead of NY, Washington DC?

REmove england london and go like, France, Spain, Africa, China, Japan, Brasil, Argentina?

Makes iot real world domination instead of europe and 1 US? :D

Make MTA's same pice as they used ot ber, like 500k.
Old cars, with old prices.

Anonymous said...

I think MTA should be able to make more money, last round they were basically shit, i think for if you use Trading Center, the whole amount of tax should be sent to a random MTA owner

Anonymous said...

Btw Tommeh I never exploited the DUP i actully was addicted lost big and won big.

Actually Marc do not change the odd they were good.

TwentyFour said...

didnt meant to be Anonymous :p

Hk'dYOmomma said...

Bring back corrupt mods. They were awesome.

ClownKiller said...

Features are important and i think the main thing is just to get tmn back online and then implement new features once its back

one big issue you need to solve is active admins/mods that arent corrupt or retarded like a few previous staff

Anonymous said...

Double Ups are amazing. There great for owners and gamblers.

I used to play them alot, same with 24.

and as he said, he Won Big and Lost big.

I can honestly say its my favourite ever casino from any game ive played.

Also another thing you have to remember, is since the first round of TMN. There has been a lot of successful Mafia Games out. With some amazing features. TMN would have to match or even better these features in my opinion.

-Badaman(Sorry for Anonymous)

Bond said...

Bring back the exam to be able to hold a MTA.. i think it was for holding a mta anyway ;o

johay said...

It was possibly the most useless feature in the whole of the interwebz.

Marc said...

Badaman: We never stole any ideas, so lets not start here. New things would be better than stealing some existing features :) (of course the basics weren't original, crime, gta, OC, drugs, but you'll see those anywhere)

So, new things.... My e-mail inbox is open to ideas!

Thanks for the heads up so far!

TwentyFour said...

Hey Marc, In my opinion I would stick to the old TMN version, bringing in to many new features will ruin probably the game like when you and DC tried bringing TMN bloody vendetta.

Secondly, I think everyone would like to know an date of the new TMN round.

johay said...

I would disagree 24. I think we all agree that "tmnx2" (w/e you want to call it) did not work on so many levels. Personally I feel it was because it just did not match the whole "playstyle" of what TMN has become.

Now about new features, I'm sorry but TMN can't live without improvement and new features. I agree that implementing to many things and making the game complex is such a bad idea. But if he can think of cool ideas and implement them to match the TMN style it would be good for the game.

The nostalgia feeling of the "old TMN" won't last long. I rememeber back in the day everything wasn't perfect and where all looking back now as if those days was great and "so enjoyable" they was not. Be it the DUP bugs, the RL exploits, the scums passing around BFs. You get the drift.

- TD

johay said...

God sake, can't edit the damn comments! Just to say by DUP bugs, I mnt them not dropping. I remember that getting pretty annoying at some points. The mods were holding 70-80% of them quite alot of the time.

imaHicK said...

New features = fail
People didn't even use the alternative layout. Keep it the same, and once people get playing then they can decide whether or not we want things changed.

Also, what's the deal with none of my comments showing up on anymore?

Casanova said...

Put a game called 50/50. It's a good way of earning money.