Sunday, July 25, 2010


As some of you may have read in the blog comments of last post, through facebook, or from other TMN players, I finally got a response from DC at July 21st. This of course is good news, but the response was as quick as "Hey Marc, did you get my text message? Let me know your schedule and we'll talk soon". I did not get any text message, and my schedule for TMN-related things is as easy as 'any time you are available'. I didn't receive any replies since that day.

Since I returned from holiday (I spent 8 days in Crete, Greece) last monday I haven't done too much on TMN, but today I continued where I left off. I worked on the following items:
- Online players page
- Friends List
- Online / Offline status improvements (also for performance)
- Gambling on Blackjack now works (others should as well, need to test that)
- Casino owner panel now works
- Registration process improvements
- Travel to other cities now working
- Performance updates regarding game forum

As you can read I'm still not waiting for DC to fix TMN, although getting the most recent files from him would actually speed up the process.


Hk said...

I don't understand...did you have make TMN from scratch again? Shouldn't have all these things already worked dawg? yo!

Bond/Twilight said...

Lets hope dc becomes active for long enough to give u control ofeverything on tmn ^^

Hkizzle for shizzle my nizzle said...

Yo Marc dizzle, wut yo email is bruh?

Marc said...

My public e-mail address is

I'm now looking at a decent host for TMN, it's difficult to estimate the usage... I have no clue on what kind of bandwidth TMN used to take, and can't remember any database sizes either.

Raven said...

Keep up the good work.