Sunday, February 12, 2012

TMN Reset Announcement

Rumors have been around since week 3 of this round, but logically we never took those seriously. Even in early January we didn’t take them seriously, but when the economy dropped from more killings (and more after that), we had to get thinking and planning. As mentioned before; those two activities aren’t easy on me (), and consume most time. My personal planning is not so straightforward either; I have to plan around exams, projects, visits to cool countries and other occasions of extreme workload. For that reason we only had one option for the reset, but as players last year really hated me for announcing the reset early, I decided to wait with the announcement. Now is the time to post it though!

So, what’s the date? Here’s a draft of the planning I have in mind:

  • On February 14th I leave the country for a warmer place
  • On February 25th I return home, and pull the plug on this round of TMN :’(
  • On Saturday, March 10th Sunday, March 11th we launch the next round, with improvements based on suggestions made (more on that later)

Below you’ll find a list of accepted suggestions and our own ideas:

  • Fewer cities and networks
  • Artillery Bunkers: keeping some bullets after you die (credits store option)
  • International Prison (possibly with minimum jail-times before someone can break you out)
  • Losing health on numerous occasions (OC, jailbreak, GTA) to limit scripting a little
  • Easier killing of people wearing protection (this seems to have been a bit extreme this round)
  • A TOS update on “duping”; we’ll be more strict
  • A TOS update on “scripting”; manual script tests may return


Due to another meeting on March 10th, the launch had to be postponed by one day, and will be on March 11th.

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