Friday, October 1, 2010

Upgrade 1, 2, 3!

Moving the database
Yesterday we transfered the database to the VPS, which (long story short) caused a rollback of roughly two hours, and about 4 hours of downtime. Since I was in uni, I couldn't do much to sort it out any faster. When I got TMN back online it lagged a lot, so I was forced to disable jail. We decided to move the files and the domain ( to the VPS on Friday morning, and hoped that would solve the lag...

From hosting package to VPS
Unfortunately this VPS was not powerful enough, causing even more lag! CPU usage was at 100% constantly, and every single file update by me would cause 5 minutes of even more lag! Even for me it was too slow to handle, so I kept jail closed and ordered another upgrade.

This upgrade really seemed a lot better (doubled the memory, and opened up another CPU core), and it was quite responsive at first. Unfortunately this only lasted until (you guessed it) jail was reopened! This was simply too much, so jail was once again disabled, and the 3rd upgrade was ordered. This upgrade will have again double the memory, and another CPU core opened. We're now waiting for it to become active (the hosting provider needs to read his e-mail first ;))



Anonymous said...



VegaNovus said...

TMN is down?

DNS is having issues?

Anonymous said...

anyone know whats wrong with tmn?

when it will come back on....?

Marc said...

When I asked the hosting provider to delete the old hosting package, he accidentally removed the DNS records too! That's what caused some problems.

He resolved the problem, but this still resulted in downtime for some players. Nothing we can do about that now.