Friday, August 13, 2010

update, testing, IRC

- Registration is now fully functional (although disabled for players)
- Double Up needs some more work
- I think TMN will launch before september 1st
- I set up a page where you can chat to others (including me, at times) using IRC
- I was unable to setup paypal at this moment, will have to do that later

Today I invited 7 (former) players to help me test TMN. As practically all pages have been updated, there's a lot of work to do.
I also asked 2 of them how they'd feel about becoming moderator (I will publish the name when they say yes). The others will probably become forum moderator at first (they may be promoted to mod later).

Rage and Silentbob host an IRC server that can be used for TMN. You can use the pjirc script I set up, or use your own IRC client (server:, channel: #jail) to start chatting.


Ps. Keep advertising the TMN website, blog, twitter, facebook group. The more players we get, the more fun it'll be for everyone!


Tommeh said...

GJ, thanks for the update. Hope it goes well and fast.

HkisyourDAD said...


I love it, yo....
It's like a good ass fucking story. These guys were always the "bad guys" and every round they wanted more and more power. Whether that be holding more credits, stocking up the most bullets OR becoming part of the staff.
It's like this will be our final challenge....and also our greatest.

(this fall)

TDisyourMUM said...

Just lol.

Inception said...

nice :P

Casanova said...

I tried advertising this game on other games, but ended up getting auto-killed.