Saturday, June 12, 2010


Wow, and this had to be the title of the next post!

I assume everyone who reads this already knows TMN is off-line, but the bad news is that I don't know why and for how long (though I could guess, I won't). After numerous e-mails and text messages, and even some messages on facebook, I still haven't heard from DC.

So, what's next? That's my question really... If DC's had enough of TMN, I'll buy the domains and cut him a deal as I'm sure players are willing to help and revive the TMN community. I'll be busy as always (although the 55-hour weeks of graduation are over), but with some help from people who actually communicate it might work.

For now all we can do is wait, sadly.

If you would like to stay updated, you could either join the Facebook group ("TheMafiaNetwork") or keep watching the TMN domains (, and this blog.


Ps. The message below was posted on Facebook earlier this week:
Since TMN has been offline, I've been trying to contact DC to figure out why... I assume he just 'let it die'. Especially since he has ignored text messages as well as e-mails on all e-mail addresses I know, I'm afraid I'm right.

Anyway, if he responds, we'll see what we can do. The least we could do is get a website o...nline to explain things. As for now: the future is unknown.


Anonymous said...

shame to see it come to this when only 4/5 years at most it was such a loved game, Good luck with trying to get hold of DC.

Noodles said...

Lol. Please.
Even if you did get the domains the game would still be shit. I think it's about time TMN dies.
The forum was the only good thing about the game. If anything make a forum instead :D.

PS: I rock.

Influence said...

Noodles does kinda rock.

Marc said...

Noodles: I agree, but if TMN is "a crappy game with a fun community" that's still better than a few domains rotting in the hands of a guy who doesn't give a shit ;)

I tried calling DC today, but he didn't answer. Texted him instead. I'm also experimenting with running applications on linux, if t works it should enable me of running TMN on a $20/month server (instead of $180/month).