Monday, December 22, 2008

Activity of DC

I think we all agree that DC isn't active enough. No news, right?

So, why am I posting this? Because I have a chart to show you guys how active DC is, and -most important- when he is active.

The chart below shows when he updated pages, or files in general. You'll see that I set it all up, and DC started using it most (when he had a few weeks off) when he created TMNClassic. He worked hard for about 4 weeks, and then it all slowed down. My line, the green one, stays visible, where DC's disappears for a few weeks, until he fixed the cred retrieve from tmnX.

Chart is generated by TortoiseSVN.


Anonymous said...

Might think the only DC cares about with this game is to gain some cash :o

Marc, we love you! :*

Anonymous said...

No shit Sherlock