Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mess-up and mod tools

It's my task to get some nice mod and admin tools made, that are intuitive and get the job done as fast and easy as possible. Though, with the lack of time, it's not going too fast. But: I think it's getting better by the day, especially now I'm starting to empty my (flooded) mailbox.

Yesterday we kind of messed up, giving all new players a server error. The problem(s)? I made a change to the table structure of a certain table, so technically it was my mistake. But... If DC had written some better statements, it wouldn't have happened! So we really both made a mistake haha.

You can insert rows in a database table in 2 ways:
1) INSERT INTO TableName VALUES('1','2','3')
2) INSERT INTO TableName (Row1, Row2, Row3) VALUES ('1','2','3')

The first way was used during the registration process, leaving one column out. The result? Errors! The column added was a column to log some user information, that isn't needed for all users.

My next week is starting, and I hope I'll be able to fully empty my inbox (Unfortunately I failed at that this week).
Goals for this week: Empty TMN mailbox, succeed at writing some functionality and documentation for the internship project.

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