Wednesday, August 24, 2011

We need your help!

I’m back from a short vacation and have been hitting the pages hard! Updates and changes have been made to all pages, but I’m still working on a couple of new features and final touches. Altogether we’re getting closer and closer to a launch…

So, what has been done?
I have been spending a lot of time going over the coding (parts had never been touched since 2005!) to eliminate excess coding, fix known bugs and to optimize pages for a better TMN experience.

And what’s next?
The next step is to finish the last new features we want to add before the launch, and (also while doing that) get to testing these pages. Although a lot of testing will be done by myself, I definitely need some help from the players: all features must be tried at least once before the launch. Are you interested in helping me? Please read the instructions at this page.


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