Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Help needed!

Since details related to weapons, explosives and protections were lost, I request the following:
If you have screenshots of the inventory page from last round (2009-2010) or the round before (2008-2009) please send those to my e-mail address or upload them and post a link in the comments.

Thanks in advance!

Quick update:
I opened up a twitter account for TMN, it's called TMNOfficial. I am not a fan of twitter, and don't personally use it, but for "spreading the word" and providing more updates than large blog posts, I think it's good to have one for TMN. On the right side of the blog you'll see the latest few tweets.

In the past few days I fixed about 14 pages and tested most of them too. Two important pages have't been tested yet, as they rely on data requested above (weapon, explosive, protection): Organized Crime and Killing.
I'm still having trouble getting registration to work, it seems like there's abug in reCaptcha (it was reported too), but I can't seem to fix it. I'm looking into alternative registration possibilities now.



Tommeh said...

Very nice, keep it up. Will you be beta testing this once you're done?

And thanks for keeping us posted, whereas DC made one post on his site and buggered off.

Marc said...

It sure needs testing, I can only test the basics, but most should work fine anyway. Just uploaded everything (hah, except registration ;)) to the server to test if everything's working like on my laptop.

The good thing this round will be that all decisions are made by me. Saves the trouble of waiing for DC like faced last round(s). I do hope to catch him on msn again soon though!

johay said...

Nice move, I for one like hearing of all small-updates you wish to post.

Hope testing goes well, I really do hope the "beta" won't be rushed in this round I for one want to be playing ASAP but exploit/major bug free.

Much left to do now? Or just Registration/The data and testing?

Also little thought, have you thought about a pre registration before it opens; Where we can reverse our username/account, it might give you a fair estimate of "numbers" and less stress on the server with the "registration rush" if you think that might be a problem. (Hell I remember playing some popular games on "reset/launch day" and it gets fairly messy). Just a thought though.

- TD / Johay

Marc said...

I still need to look at DUP, Mailbox improvements, registration, credits (process of buying as well as using) and moderator functionality. There's probably more, but I'll think of that tomorrow.

I did indeed think of pre-registration to save the server from catching fire (especially since it's a hosing package).

johay said...

Hey again got a few more questions regarding the start of TMN.

First of all; Obviously you had no choice to switch to a hosting package to save cost's. Will this be a dedicated server? while I suspect it won''t be super popular when its first opened (60-70 unique? - of course you will have a better estimate of numbers of current traffic visiting tmn2010.) Question do you suspect the server to hold up without lag? (I'm just a little worried!) Though I'm sure you have it planned out.

Q2. My main worry really: Do you suspect to get mods recruited before launch (the intial (sp?) cheating in the first few weeks can be dangerous I would guess), and personally I would like to see a mod or two recruited before it opens, so we all have a fair 'chance' at the start since the start of a round really can be crucial.

Ananomiz said...

Woah're gettin a little technical there. If you don't remember....THIS!....IS!!!!! T M N!!!!! TONIGHT!!!!! WE DINE!!! IN HELLLLLLLLL!!!!

VegaNovus said...

Marc, could we add a feature to make our taskbar flash when we have an in-game message please.

Many times I have had messages and opened another application and had a message from a while back.

Casanova said...

When we bank our money hide our wealth.

Marc said...

The hosting package is of the "Shared Hosting" kind; the server runs TMN as well as a dozen other websites. If performance ever becomes a problem we'll consider balancing the load or upgrading.

As TMN will be tested before a launch, the testers I invite will be considered for mod and forum mod positions. Cheaters will arrive anyway though.

John: I could, but won't implement this feature. Especially since script tests may be sent out, it's not a wise idea to make it this easy to stop a script.

Cassanova: I think the wealth status is of such importance to the game, that we shouldn't hide it.

Tommeh said...

And there is no way people can apply that they would like to be forum mod or anything? I mean, for one I could be a forum mod as I speak 3 languages that is mainly used on the forum. I don't think I'm being messaged tho xD

Marc said...

At this time you cannot apply for (forum) moderator, as the forum mods and mods that will be there at the launch have already been picked. I will be contacting them soon.

Anonymous said...

I expect my offer for mod then nah im joking but seriously im mod or else

TwentyFour said...

Hey Marc if you need a Double Up tester let me know :o :p

Sapu AEC said...

Interesting and looking forward kind of though..
Eventhough it is that long ago but still nice memories and thoughts about such a nice online game!

Probably if it will be ok some old players will come back!:)

VegaNovus said...

You make a good point about the script test thing, one other thing I thought about, not necessarily a feature but more of a solution to problems, could we have a feature within the organised crime forum where instead of waiting for the leader of the OC to send us an invite, can we apply for the OC and get sent a message if we get accepted/declined?

HaycheKay said...

Prepicked Moderators?

I guess...
Hk for forum mod!.....oh yes

Tommeh said...

Forum mods pre picked too and he isnt looking either, trust me I tried :D

HerKyooleez said...

This is a mothafuckin mutiny then!