Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Stayin' busy

Celebrating my graduation, enjoying the good weather, drinking beers with people I haven't spoken in a while... Yeah, I've been enjoying myself since I graduated! But in the meantime I'm working quite hard to earn some money, to try and contact DC, and to 'repair' my version of TMN for possible future usage.

With small steps I'm getting the game ready, but since I don't have any recent database backup (I was busy with the graduation project and never thought of making one), it's a time-consuming and difficult job. Because I do have the entire source code it isn't an impossible job (I wouldn't have started doing it in that case), but it still takes a lot of time.

I started off with a database from 2008, which is one major version and hundreds of minor versions previous to the "TMNClassic" we used last round (October 2009 - March 2010). I couldn't login, register, or even attempt anything. I'm now at a stage in which I'm able to "fake" an account, login, and view my mailbox without getting any errors (see screenshot below).

What most of you will want to know, is whether or not I'll be bringing TMN back online. I can't really answer that question, but if there were no hope at all I wouldn't be repairing it. I've done everything I can to contact DC, so I'm not waiting for him. There are however a few things I will need to do before I can bring it back online, here's a quick list:
- Repair the database and test the game
- Port database to mySQL to save about $50 a month
- Research possibilities to run TMN on a cheap (virtual) Linux server
- Beg for money to cover at least 3 months of server fees
- Request support from players willing to help moderate the game (and forums)


ps. Besides e-mails, text messages, voice-mail messages and messages in paypal money transfers could you think of any way to contact DC? let me know if you do, I'm out of ideas!


Noodles said...

I'll gladly mod if you ever bring it back!

VegaNovus said...

I've come to the conclusion that DC got stung by a stingray whilst travelling the world with our money.

Marc said...

Below pages/features were fixed so far; by the size of the list you can guess it's only a small portion of the work to-be done. I'll get there though! (most probably before DC pops up somewhere...)

Fake registration (30-06-2010)
User Management (30-06-2010)
Login (30-06-2010)
News (30-06-2010)
Game Forum (30-06-2010)
User info bar (30-06-2010)
Mail (30-06-2010)
Profile + view profile (30-06-2010)
Notepad (30-06-2010)
News (03-07-2010)
Game Forum (03-07-2010)
OC Classifieds (03-07-2010)
Stats signups and kills (04-07-2010)
Stats cities + extra features (04-07-2010)
Network information (04-07-2010)

Features on cities information include online/offline status of holder, casino maxbet, and bullet count for BFs.

eggomiego said...

Send him a good old letter to his house, maybe with a few nudes of yourself repairing tmn to get his attention

Noodles said...

So it's settled!
Noodles for mod when Marc opens TMN again!?!?
Srsly though. I'd love to actually mod and not play for once :o
You DO know how active I am :D

TwentyFour said...

Noodles for Mod, bring back the double ups :p everything will be fine.:D

Rage said...

Expiration date: 31 Aug 2010 00:32:31

just Take the domain when it Expires..

Noodles said...

Oh shizzle. 24. What's up :o?

TD said...

Nerds :D

TwentyFour said...

Hey noodles :p bah nothing much man working on my business a bit and thats about it, long time man :p

We should make a 6 hours trip together and beat DCs ass.

Noodles said...

Cool, cool. Are you still working with those Xenon light things?

I'm down to go kick his ass :D.
Where are you living now?

TwentyFour said...

Yes man still in the HID xenon light business :p

I live in brossard. I think im near you. where do you live ?

Noodles said...

Nice, nice.
I'm in St Constant. Not tooooooo far, lol. I go there often.

Anonymous said...

To see TMN back would be great, defiently by Marc who is a lot better admin than DragonCurse, thank you for trying Marc <3

Marc said...

Wow, that's unexpected, I received an e-mail from DC today!

I replied the minute I saw it, but I didn't receive the text message he claimed to have sent. Seems like there's hope for getting the original domains :)


TwentyFour said...

Nice job Marc... keep us informed :)

Noodles said...

Sweetness ;o.
So uh... Any idea of what happened?
Did he just decide to pull the plug on TMN or something else happened?

Also; don't forget I'll gladly mod :D

Hk said...

Will mod for sex