Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Updates, TMN, DC, Marc

A few things to say today.

Today we launched the new Trade Center, which is a place where you can trade your money, credits, bullets, for someone else's goods. It includes private offer (Only valid for one buyer), and anonymous offer (Only valid for one buyer whose name will not be shown). It seems like most players enjoy it, and it will solve most scams.
Today I also sold the Houston Blackjack table, which allowed me to take out about 9bil out of the game's economy (Someone paid 3.5bil for the property). The BF will remain mine for the time being.

I was asked if I was the new owner of TMN. At first I laughed about the question, but it isn't that weird of a question. Technically, I own half of TMN at this moment. In the real world however, the business is DC's, and I'm not a registered employee.
We have been looking for ways to make TMN more interesting, and probably found a few good ideas. We have also discussed the whole "duping" and "same IP" thing, and will also chat about that again later.

The question "Is DC Back?" is one I asked myself a few times. To be honest, I think he is. The improvements and hard work he put into it in the past week is quite good, and our (Skype) chats were quite nice as well. I hope we can continue this way.

I hope soon TMN will be a more fun place to be for everyone, including new and bored players.



Anonymous said...

Fantastic stuff you guys are doing!

Hope DC stays on more. Marc, If I was employing you then 100% I would give you a pay raise :o lol

TheFury said...

Marc doesn't do it for the money, if he did, he'd have walked away a long time ago. Personally I think that shower character, but I agree, the effort Marc puts in trumps DC's by a massive margin, and pay should reflect that :o