Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Yesterdays' discussion

When handling my inbox yesterday, as I try to do weekly, I got to a scam, where the victim had lost about 500,000,000. So I created the money on my account, and was about to send it to the victim, to see MTA owners had set their interest rates to 10%! A quick calculation lead to 50,000,000 of created ("dirty") money going to an MTA owner.

The solution? Adding an MTA, and using thatone instead. So I did, and put the rates at 8%... A few hours later people on msn messaged me asking about all that. I put the rates back to 10%, kept the MTA for future (scam) usage, and logged out instantly, to then get curious about the forum topic.

After explaining, we got to quite a nice chat with a load of players, hitting up to about 200 posts. Of course it was all about the MTA situation at first, but we then got back to me. Why am I here? Why isn't TMN updated as everyone (probably including me) would want it?

My answer: I respect DC, and I care about the game, so I can't just upload a game myself and run it instead of TMN. I won't take down the credits page, and I won't sell credits for money on my own PayPal account.
So what am I doing here? Keeping my inbox clear, updating really important things (bugs, exploits), and waiting for DC.
Why am I not (for example) implementing MTAs on trade pages, and why am I not adding Casino, Business and BF sales on a trade page? Because I'm doing work I actually get paid for. PHP work mostly, and it's quite interesting too.

So, about me. I finished the internship/traineeship at Logica, and got a (rounded upwards) 8.0/10, not bad. The SMS game works, and it's a shame I can't get it to work with any regular cell phone.
I'm now doing the Create a Rich Internet Application Semester, which seems very easy. I'm in the 3rd week, and I haven't done any exciting things, besides some nice Javascript exercises.

That'd be all for today,



Anonymous said...

Why do you always say you're waiting for DC? He's obviously not going to do anything, so quit making up a thousand excuses and quit complaining about how you cant to anything. You've corrupted this game and you should be ashamed of yourself, you LOZ3R!

Anonymous said...

Well Boo you anon!! kk
Marc...I appreciate what you have done for us, if it were not for you, tmn would still be down!
Thanks <3

Marc said...

Interesting comment (first one). In my post, I explained why I'm waiting, and what I'm doing. If your question is (as I read it) why I am waiting for DC, I suggest you to read the post again.

You seem to dislike me (which is okay really), but posting anonymous to complain is just weak.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. I have been gone from TMN for 3 months now. And people are still complaining..

If you ask me, it's what people do, everybody needs something to complain about, even if it's a perfect game there will be people shouting that it's to perfect.

The updates you do Marc are the ones wich you are "allowed" to do i guess, and as long as you do them you will never hear me complaining.

For the fact that DC is never online, well dissapointing, but credits are being purchased, and as long as the money flows he's fine (Like big-executives, that don't do shit), but since he's not arround to talk to us, or even to you, then i say your doing a fine job.

Just keep doing what you do, and focus on your graduation. Wich i hope you will pass.

Anonymous said...